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If so, then you MUST take advantage of our TWO MONTH FREE membership of the Elite Coach Network and Accelerate Your Career, Your Business and Your Circle of Influence  
Dane Mitchell,
S&C Coach to Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee 

 "The network is something special. The support and expertise on offer is fantastic and something everyone needs to be a part of"

'Success is Built on Solid Foundations'

As we launch the Elite Coach Network, we understand the importance of building things on a solid foundation. That's why we have collated some amazing resources that are yours for free when you join us today. 
These include:
  •  Over 10 hours of Strength and Conditioning Presentations which include, how and why to include eccentrics, 10 conditioning protocols for performance, functional hypertrophy and much, much more. You'll be able to action all of this content in your coaching and business straight away. 
  •  Over 20 hours of 'live' business coaching and mentoring from Brendan Chaplin working with coaches to build their businesses. These sessions cover mindset, marketing, business planning, coaching skill development and much more.
  • ​​The content covers all areas that coaches need. This is not just about the technical science based knowledge, we cover the art of coaching, business development, coping through Covid, Online Coaching, Digital Marketing and much more.  
  •  Your personal Elite Coach Challenge which is guaranteed to re-calibrate, re-energise and re-focus you so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals this year and beyond. 
  • ​A thriving and supportive coaches community ready to help you, drive you and support your journey. 
As well as the great content you'll also be a part of a thriving coaches community and we will be supporting you on your journey with the following content to accelerate your development:
  •  Weekly Coaching Tutorials from our faculty of Elite Coaches  
  •  Programme Templates and best practice examples
  •  Elite Coach LIVE mentoring sessions where you can get 121 coaching from Brendan and his elite team
  • ​Priority access and ECN pricing to ALL current and future Strength and Conditioning Education courses

Start Your FREE 2 Month Trial Today!

"Bringing together coaches so that everyone learns from each other is a great thing to be a part of"
Ben Haining
Head of Strength and Conditioning,
Reeds School and ECN Member
"What Strength and Conditioning Education is doing with their Network is exactly what coaches need"
Ron McKeefery
SCE International S&C Coach of the Year and
Head Coach Fresno State University
"Having the ability to reach out to experts in their field is incredibly valuable"
Kelvin Giles 
CEO Movement Dynamics and Former
Head of Track and Field at Australian
Institute of Sport (and Brendan's Mentor!)
About The Elite Coach Network 
For a decade now Strength and Conditioning Education has had a mission of 'Accelerating Development' in coaches from all kinds of backgrounds. Over the years our courses have supported 1000's of coaches in their quest to become elite coaches. As we have grown, so too has our network of world-class coaches, with each one of them offering something different. That is why we felt it was the right time to launch the much anticipated Elite Coach Network!

With years and years of experience in developing athletes, businesses and most importantly ourselves, we wanted to share the lessons learned along the way with you and your fellow coaches.

Within the network, we share content which is built on our 3 pillars of development - technical, business and personal development. This allows coaches within the network to develop in all areas which will not only make them an elite coach but also help them create a big impact with their athletes and community.

Not only will you gain access to fresh new content on a regular basis, but you will also be networking with like-minded coaches who share your passion for coaching and making it happen.

Start Your FREE 2 Month Trial Today!

"Brings focus, direction and an amazing group of people to learn from and grow with"
Martin Garnett
MGPT and ECN Member 
"Great environment to be in. One that you will be constantly learning in"
Matt Clarke
PT, S&C Coach
and ECN Member
"Content is on point and gives me the drive that I had when I first started in the industry"
Natalie Marsh 
PT, Coach and ECN Member 
5 Reasons You Should Take Action And Join The ECN Today
1. It's FREE (for now!) - It is a no brainer from this point of view. Get access to loads of content which will help you level up your coaching, your business, your life!

2. The ONLY way to get to your goals is by modelling people who have already achieved them! Why spend years looking for the answer when you can simply ask a network of coaches which can help you bypass years of going down rabbit holes.

3. The people who get the jobs are not the ones who are applying for them: As much as we may not like the saying 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' the fact is that is 100% true. But why not get the best of both worlds? Network with other like-minded coaches as well as upgrade your coaching skills.

4. None of Us are as smart as All of Us - everyone needs support, everyone has bad days. Landing page not working? Struggling to get clients? An athlete not responding to training? Instead of banging your head against a brick wall, reach out to the ECN who will help solve any issues you are facing.
5. You want to learn from the world's best coaches - To help us deliver on our commitment to accelerating your development, we will be regularly uploading content from some of the world's best coaches so you can learn whenever and wherever you want! 

Start Your FREE 2 Month Trial Today!

"Brilliant network full of amazing and supportive people"
Heather Avul
Running Coach and ECN Member 
"Great place to get feedback on my coaching programmes"
Kyle Vidal
Sports Therapist and ECN Member
"Gave me the focus I needed to launch my online coaching!"
Deryck Cozens 
Online Performance Coach and ECN Member 
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